What’s it like to be in the Hall of Fame…. Of Play Callers?

This article was submitted and written by a Virtual GM who has been with the team since Day 1, we are very thankful for his continued support

With one game to go in the season, I am extremely proud to be an Assistant GM/Co-founder, Scout and a Hall of Fame Play Caller! We got off to a rough start to the season took some loses but we bounced back winning 3 out of 4 games during the middle of the season.

What does it take to be a Hall of Fame Play Caller? It takes persistence you have to call a lot of plays every game every play all four quarters! You must answer the trivia questions and get them right no googling allowed! You should read every locker room article which helps because you get to learn about the team! Finally, you need at least 1600 points to join the Hall of Fame to be a living legend on the Screaming Eagles app! Currently, there are 6 other Hall of Famers with a few fans in reach with one game to go!

Most importantly, I am extremely honored to be apart of the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles the first fan run sports fanchise ever! From the weekly video conferences to coming to Salt Lake for our first ever game and meeting some of the fellow Co-founders and scouts. I even met our QB Verlon Reed and elite red zone threat Devin Mahina! I will never forget these experiences and I look forward to being apart of the Interactive Football League next season!

Thank You,

Jesse Schwartzman