Inside the Virtual Front Office

When I wake up at 6am it feel’s like just another Thursday. But today instead of eating breakfast while listening to my boy’s watching tv, I get on a scouting call with Coach Sauk and look at our roster with the rest of our scouting department. We’ve been hit hard by injuries mid-season and we’re scrambling to find quality talent at skilled positions this deep in the season. We also discuss strategies for increasing our performance on the road including using swimming pools to relive muscle soreness and look at making modifications to our training schedule and how we do our walk-throughs. I can’t help but be inspired by listening to the Bald Eagle, Ex-Chicago Bear and Founder, Ray Austin keep the department’s motivation high and everyone focused on finding the best talent for our team.

I could have gone online and played fantasy football or checked out what’s happening in the NFL offseason or I could be making decisions to help MY team win on Sunday in Salt Lake City. The call finishes with a need for scouts and GM’s to take at look at the IFL waiver wires and our own database of talent we’ve sourced throughout year. Many of our roster spots are filled with players our homegrown scouts have discovered.

As I head to work I’m pumped, this is way better than watching cartoons….Throughout the day my phone is pinging with updates from my mates on the inside, links to tape, suggestions from scouts and insights from the front the office. By the time I finish work in Australia, it’s early morning stateside and I can throw in my 2 cents after reviewing film on potential singing.

The best part about being part of the Screaming Eagles FANchise is game-day. With our schedule, kick-off is 11am. Perfect, because we are heading to beach. I don’t need to sign-up to some dodgy American season-pass, pay for satellite tv or download illegal software on my phone to watch our games live. With my wives phone in one hand, I’m watching the game streamed live on Twitch and and in the other I’m calling plays for the offence. Stratch that. I’m calling TD’s for the offence!

If this isn’t cool enough already, I’m in a group chat other Virtual GM’s on the sideline because I want to know the mood of the players at halftime and hear the music cranking in the locker room after the game. By early afternoon I feel like I’ve played a game myself, I’ve ridden the highs and low’s of every play with my team, while sitting on the beach with my wife and kids enjoying the sunshine. Being a Virtual GM, calling plays, making major decisions and living the dream with the team I helped build. This isn’t fantasy sports. This is a dream come true.

Want to experience the Virtual Front Office for yourself?

Christian Williams Co-Founder/ Asst GM