Download the Screaming Eagles App, the Most Powerful App in Sports History

Sports fans are holding more power than ever before, literally. And now is your chance to get it your hands by downloading the Screaming Eagles app on Android or iOS today.

Dubbed by Mark Cuban as “the ultimate fantasy football crowdsourcing game”, the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles app gives fans the opportunity to make game-changing team decisions and call plays in real time. Whether it’s from the couch, toilet or live at the Maverik Center, we’re taking fans closer to the action than any other app, website, field pass or streaker-on-the-field moment can.

Fans earn points by correctly answering sports trivia questions, reading articles, watching Indoor Football League game film and voting on items such as player cuts, beer, celebrations and more. The more points you score by proving your football knowledge, the louder your voice gets. Those with the loudest voices get more power for team decisions typically reserved for high-paid front-office executives and coaches.

This app gives fans 100-percent control over playcalling. From onside kicks and two-point conversions to establishing a ruthless ground game and vertical passing, fans make the calls in real time.

Ever wished Madden NFL was real? Now it is with the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles app, the most powerful app in sports.